Frequently Askwed Questions

What bills are included in my weekly rent?

Your weekly rent will cover the electricity and internet.

Who’s responsibility is it to maintain the common areas and lawn?

t is up to all tenants to ensure that they communicate with each other and maintain these areas together,
If you would prefer we can arrange a trade to attend for cleaning & lawn care but all 3 tenants must agree
to pay 1/3 of the invoice.

Can I have a pet at the premises?

Unfortunately No, this is due to the shared common areas in the premises and potential of other tenants living in the premises
having allergies to these pets or simply don’t like them.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, You are allowed to have visitors over for the day. It is recommended that if your visitor is staying overnight that you discuss
with the other two tenants. A lot of people love a party and having guests to stay over, but nobody likes to feel constantly outnumbered
in their own home.

How much is my bond and will you accept a bond loan?

The bond is equal to 4 weeks of your weekly rent, We are happy to accept bond loans and rental grants as long as this is processed prior to the lease
start date.

Will I get the other two tenants phone numbers prior to moving in?

We can request permission from the other two tenants to provide their number to you so you can introduce yourself, We do recommend though
that upon moving into the premises that all tenants share each other’s phone numbers to ensure that should they need to contact you about an
issue they are able to do so easily.

How long does my application take to process?

We aim to have an answer to you within 24 - 48 hours of applying for the property or the following business day.

Lease Agreement & Keys – Do I need to meet you on site the day of move in?

Lease Agreements are all completed electronically via Docusign, Once this has been signed by both yourself and the Property Manager you
will receive a copy for your records.

The properties have an electronic lock on both the front door and your own room door, There is no need to come into the office
on move in day.